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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

1302 General Information

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1302.10 University Academic Policies

All students at Georgia State University are responsible for learning and observing all regulations and procedures required by the University and by the college and program or status in which they are enrolled. In no case will a regulation be waived or an exception granted because a student pleads ignorance of the regulation or asserts that he or she was not informed of a specific requirement by an advisor or other university authority. This chapter contains the academic regulations of the University. See the other parts of this catalog for information on the academic regulations of the various colleges and departments.

All students must become especially familiar with (1) this chapter, (2) the following chapter on university degree requirements and graduation, (3) their college’s chapter of this catalog, (4) the offerings and requirements of their major, and (5) the enrollment process found by accessing PAWS (Panther Access to Web Services) at paws.gsu.edu and found on the University’s web site www.gsu.edu, particularly under the Registrar and Student Financial Services pages, which contain more detailed information on the enrollment process.

While the provisions of this catalog will ordinarily be applied as stated, Georgia State reserves the right to change any provision listed in this catalog, including, but not limited to, academic requirements for graduation, without actual notice to individual students. The University will make every effort to keep students advised of any such changes. Students must note their responsibility to keep apprised of current graduation requirements for their particular degree programs.

1302.20 Student Computer Access Requirement

Each student enrolled at Georgia State University must have access to a computer, and any course offered at the University may require computer-based work. Further, the student’s computer must provide access to e-mail accounts, the World Wide Web using a current browser, and spreadsheet and word processing software. Departments and other units may establish minimum machine capability and software requirements, including the requirement that a student in a certain degree program must own a computer. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure his or her access to a computer. Computers are available in the open-access computer laboratories on campus that provide the basic level of computer capabilities, but these laboratories are heavily used and cannot guarantee a student access to a computer at a particular time.

1302.25 Georgia State University Email

Every student is assigned an official Georgia State University email address at the time of acceptance. It is essential that students regularly check this email account. Academic departments and student service units across campus use the University assigned email as a means of communicating with students about official university business, and students are held responsible for this information. Email from Georgia State will be sent to the student’s official Georgia State e-mail address. It will not be sent to any other address (such as a Gmail or Yahoo account). However, students may configure their Georgia State account to forward to another address.

1302.30 Academic Calendar

Georgia State University is on a semester system, and academic credit is awarded in semester hours. The fall and spring semesters are approximately 14 weeks each with mandatory final exams held during the 15th week. Summer semester is composed of three-week classes in May as well as seven-week classes beginning in June and two three-week half-term sessions. Enrollment in the three-week classes, half-term sessions or seven-week classes counts as having been enrolled in summer semester.