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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

1510 Counseling Center

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The University Counseling Center provides free, confidential mental health services for all enrolled students. Services include 24/7 urgent crisis consultation, drop-in same-day consultation, short term individual, couples counseling as well as psychiatric assessments and medication monitoring. Support and psycho-educational groups are available. Students who need resources beyond those provided at the Counseling Center are able to meet with our client advocate who can provide support and assistance locating services in the community.  Students are also encouraged to build resilience using innovative biofeedback technology at no cost.
In addition,  in-person and virtual wellness programs on a variety of topics including: stress management, time management, study skills, imposter phenomenon, relationship skills, and anger management and others. Counseling Center staff are also available for guest lectures in classrooms and for student organizations.

For more information, visit counselingcenter.gsu.edu or call 404-413-1640 to schedule an appointment.

1510.10 Student Victim Assistance

Student Victim Assistance Services is a confidential resource to support any student who has experienced a traumatic event, been the victim of sexual assault or has been a victim of other crimes. Staff help connect students to many campus and community resources related to their specific needs. The goal is to help students regain control over their lives so that they may persist in their educational pursuits and thrive personally. Services provided include: confidential reporting resource, direct crisis intervention 24/7, referrals for on and off campus resources, advocacy and support during all phases of university, legal/criminal proceedings, information and resources, consultation and education to students, faculty and staff, safety planning and on-going follow-up and support as needed.

For more information, visit victimassistance.gsu.edu or call 404-413-1965.

1510.20 Student Health Promotion

The mission of Student Health Promotion is to support activities that empower Georgia State University students to make informed healthier choices and achieve academic success and to ultimately improve the health of individuals and communities. Core areas of education include substance use risk reduction and sexual assault/partner violence prevention. Wellness education is provided through interactive formats including campus events and programs that foster opportunities for students to connect with peers for education about health topics. Self-responsibility, conscious decisions and informed choices in relation to health are encouraged. The peer health educators (PHEs), the health educators and the Assistant Director for Student Wellness provide wellness education through interactive formats such as workshops, campus campaigns and awareness events. A wellness library with books, videos, brochures, posters and other materials are available to students to gain additional knowledge about health related topics. The PHEs have received specialized training in the dimensions of health and public health programming and are the university’s first-response to health promotion and wellness education on campus. The health educators and Assistant Director of Student Wellness are available to advise students and coordinate health and wellness programming with various campus groups. Weekly classes are provided for students who have violated campus alcohol or drug policies in order to assist them with reducing their risk of further harm. Additionally, individual and group tobacco cessation services are offered. Bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention workshops are offered regularly throughout each semester.

For more information, visit healthpromotion.gsu.edu or call 404-413-1577 to speak with a staff member.