Mar 21, 2023  
2021-2022 Employee Handbook 
2021-2022 Employee Handbook

407 Military Leave

407.1 Definition of Military Leave

Military duty, for the purpose of these regulations, includes any ordered military duty in the service of the State of Georgia or the United States. This includes schools conducted by the armed forces of the United States.

407.2 Duration of Military Leave

Regular benefit-eligible employees are entitled to up to 18 days of leave with pay while engaged in the performance of military duty and while going to and from such duty during normal working hours. The maximum length of military leave with pay is 18 work days (144 hours) in any one federal fiscal year (beginning October 1) or continuous period. The maximum leave time without pay allowable cannot exceed five (5) years. This may now be accessed in e-Time.

407.3 Benefits during Military Leave

At the expiration of maximum paid military leave time, continued absence by the employee shall be considered as military leave without pay. The employee may elect to exhaust accrued vacation leave hours prior to going on an unpaid leave status. During the period of Military Leave without Pay, an employee may retain health, dental, and life benefits under the same conditions that applied before the leave began. If an employee’s share of insurance premiums cannot be deducted from his/her pay, the employee will be required to pay his or her share of insurance premiums each month while on leave. Failure to pay the employee share of the insurance premiums may result in loss of coverage.

407.4 Return from Military Leave

The employee must provide advance notification to the department and the Benefits Office of the return to work date. Employees may be required to provide fitness-for-duty certification prior to being restored to active status.

407.5 Military Physical Examination Leave

Any regular employee required by federal law to take a military physical examination shall be paid for any time lost to take such examination.