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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHPH 4880 - Public Health Study Abroad

1 to 12 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: Instructor Approval.
Through international travel, this course will provide an educational and cultural opportunity for students interested in global public health research and public health practice as conducted in other areas of the world. Students may study a variety of public health issues, engage in community-based research, and/or provide support to public health organizations in their host city and country. This course number serves as a generic number for study abroad programs sponsored by or done in partnership with the School of Public Health. An in-country experience is a required segment of the course. Specific region and/or discipline focus may vary by offering. Most public health study abroad opportunities are applicable to all degree levels. If an opportunity is only applicable to a certain degree level, the corresponding degree level restriction will appear on that specific study abroad course offering and in its course listing comments area. Also, this course is variable credit - the instructor will inform students on the appropriate amount of credit hours students should register for given their planned course workload. Students must adjust their own variable credits prior to the end of registration (http://registrar.gsu.edu/registration-guide/how-to-change-credit-hours-for-variable-hours-courses/). Contact the School of Public Health for the current list of study abroad options (http://publichealth.gsu.edu/academic/study-abroad). Finally, this course does NOT fulfill the Bachelor of Science in Public Health Signature Experience requirement. Students wanting to fufill their Bachelor of Science in Public Health Signature Experience requirement with a study abroad experience should register for course: PHPB/PHPH 4992 Signature Experience Capstone. Global Perspectives Course