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2021-2022 Law Bulletin 
2021-2022 Law Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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LAW 7139 - eDiscovery.

1 to 3 Credit Hours

This is an elective course. eDiscovery plays an ever-increasing role in every lawsuit, arbitration, and government investigation. In addition to its importance, it is a rapidly evolving area of the law. In just over the last decade, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have twice substantially revised to try to catch up with age of “big data.” The course will explore the substantive law on eDiscovery, the basics of electronically-stored information, ethical issues related to technological competence, and recognized eDiscovery best practices. It will also include hands-on or simulated experience with information management, preservation, collection and review of electronically stored information challenges that frequently arise.

Notes: Note: Course would be most helpful for students interested in practicing as a litigator, in-house counsel, or government attorney involved with criminal or regulatory investigations and enforcement. The Course doe not require any specialized computer knowledge.

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