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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

7130 Department of Finance

Programs Offered:

  • B.B.A. in Finance
  • Minor in Finance
  • Certificate in FinTech
  • Certificate in Business Analytics

12th floor, Robinson College of Business Building
404-413-7310, Fax: 404-413-7312

Gerald D. Gay, Chair
Faculty: Agarwal, Ashraf, Aslan, Beard, Chen, Fendler, Gay, Godbey, Huang, Kini, Murray, Ruff, Ryan, Salsbery, Shi, Shrikhande, Subramanian, Yang

The goal of the undergraduate finance program is to prepare graduates to succeed in careers in finance and elsewhere in business. Positions in finance are available in nearly every organization ranging from the small entrepreneurial firm to the large corporate organization as well as in the financial services industry including commercial and investment banking, investment management, insurance organizations and securities firms and FinTech enterprises. Students completing the finance program will possess a number of proficiencies including excellent disciplinary knowledge of finance and capital markets, strong technical and analytical skills, the tools to critically analyze and solve problems associated with the financial operations of a firm, and the ability to prepare and present business reports of a financial perspective.

7130.10 Program Admission

There are no admission requirements specific to the Finance program. However, Finance students are required to meet all University and College admission requirements.

7130.20 Program Financial Information

There are no special fees associated with majoring in Finance. However, Finance majors must pay all tuition and fees charged by the University and the College.

7130.30 Program Academic Regulations

Notice to all Finance and pre-Finance students: A minimum of a B in FI 3300  is required to take any 4000 level Finance course. Undergraduate BBA students intending to pursue a major in Finance will be limited
to two attempts to earn a grade of B or better in FI 3300.

Note to all students: A minimum grade of C- is required to satisfy the prerequisites to any finance course.

Required Major Courses: FI 4000  (six semester hours), FI 4020  ,FI 4090  and two additional 4000-level finance courses. See the recommended sequence below.

Recommended Sequence: The Department of Finance encourages all students pursuing a major in finance to take FI 4000  and FI 4020  early in their program of study. FI 4000  is a prerequisite to several 4000-level finance courses except FI 4020. Students may take FI 4000 and FI 4020 in any order or concurrently.

Honors Track in Finance

The Department of Finance also offers a two-semester, 18 credit hour Honors Track in Finance designed to provide Robinson’s most accomplished undergraduate finance majors with a deeper understanding of the discipline, a distinguished skill set, and a strategic advantage throughout their careers. For additional information, please see Honor’s track website at finance.robinson.gsu.edu/academic-programs/bba/honors/.




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