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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

3580 Department of World Languages and Cultures

19th floor, 25 Park Place Bldg.
Email: wlcgraduate@gsu.edu

Leslie Marsh, Chair
Shuai Li, Associate Chair
Gladys Francis, Director of Graduate Studies (gfrancis5@gsu.edu)

The Department of World Languages and Cultures sees itself as the gateway for students to internationalize their degree in a way that will not only help them better understand a globalized society but will also make them more competitive for career opportunities as they enter a global economy. World Languages and Cultures seeks to capitalize on the strategic location of the university at the heart of Atlanta, a global center of international commerce and culture, to offer students real world opportunities to combine and apply language abilities, cultural knowledge, and career skills. We are interested in graduate students who have a variety of lived experiences, knowledge, and linguistic/intercultural competences.

The department is home to the Center for International Resources and Collaborative Language Engagement (CIRCLE), a multi-purpose academic support center that offers walk-in tutoring in each of the languages taught at Georgia State and provides a variety of digital resources (i.e., software, apps, media and materials) to support the language studies of the university community. In addition, the CIRCLE hosts special events focused on cultural awareness and communication opportunities, such as conversation meetups, discussion groups, and other social events, as well as language and technology workshops. The center addresses the university and College of Arts and Sciences strategic goals of increasing internationalization in the curriculum and of enhancing the global competency (including the study of world languages) of students, faculty and staff.

Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Department of World Languages and Cultures has the following requirements:

An undergraduate major or its equivalent in the language to be studied.
A complete dossier which must include: (a) a letter of intent expressing the objectives of the student in entering the program; (b) two letters of recommendation from people familiar with the candidate’s academic work; and (c) a writing sample of an analytical nature in the target language. (At the discretion of the Graduate Committee, an entrance exam may be required.)
Program Financial Information

Lab fees are assessed automatically for students who register for certain courses. As a result, students will no longer be required to purchase lab fee cards. For more information, please feel free to contact the department or review the GoSolar or catalog course listings to determine if a course includes a lab fee.

Applicants may obtain additional information about the Department of World Languages and Cultures by contacting the Director of Graduate Studies at the address above.


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