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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hospitality Administration Major

Major Requirements

A required noncredit course, HADM 4900 , is offered each semester to assist students in meeting this work-study requirement. Students must register for this course during their senior year. They should obtain a course description packet from the school office and contact the Work Study Coordinator in the school for more detailed information.

Business Electives

Hospitality majors may select from a variety of RCB courses as electives. Hospitality courses including event management, hotel management, restaurant management, private club management, airport and airline management and other industry specific courses may also be selected.

Faculty Advisement

The school offers orientation materials at the beginning of each semester for new hospitality majors. Majors should call the school office a t404-413-7615 to schedule appointments.

Industry Field Study Requirement

All students majoring in hospitality administration must have practical industry experience in order to be approved for graduation. Each student is given the opportunity to apply career objectives and gain exposure to the work environment as it actually exists in the hospitality industry. This experience assists in developing professional work habits, provides for a smooth transition into full-time employment, helps develop self-confidence, and provides exposure to the different components of the hospitality industry. Students who have full-time jobs in non-hospitality occupations do not have to quit their jobs; however, in order to satisfy the requirements for the work-study experience, students are advised to begin working part-time in an adviser-approved hospitality position as soon as possible.