Nov 29, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Entrepreneurship Minor

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The entrepreneurship minor equips students pursing different degrees or areas of study with the skills they need to accelerate a career in their chosen field or to establish their own business. The focus of this program is startup entrepreneurship. Coursework addresses opportunity discovery, business model design, product and service design, scaling a new venture, business and technology law, among other things.

Program Requirements

Forty Five (45) credit hours, good academic standing with a minimum GSU GPA of a 2.0 and permission of an authorized advisor for this minor are required to declare a Minor in Entrepreneurship. Pre-requisites for specific courses within the minor are required unless consent of the instructor is given. Courses that count toward a student’s major cannot also count toward this minor.

Satisfactory completion of the following courses is suggested prior to declaring this minor

Minor Requirements

Required Courses for the Minor in Entrepreneurship (15 hours)

Students pursuing the Minor in Entrepreneurship must take five (5) courses in one of the two sequences below;

Students graduating with a degree not offered by the Robinson College of Business; for example the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degrees:

Graduatinng with degree offered by the Robinson College of Business

Students graduating with a degree offered by the Robinson College of Business, including dual degree students where one degree is from the Robinson College of Business:

Entrepreneurship Electives

Note that these courses may have prerequisites that must be satisfied separately unless consent of the instructor is given.

Other courses can be substituted by permission of the program advisor.

Process of Admission

Students wishing to declare a Minor in Entrepreneurship must file the proper paperwork with the Undergraduate Student Advisement Center or their College’s Office of Academic Assistance. The student’s advisor will determine the student’s eligibility and process the paperwork accordingly.