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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Heritage Preservation, M.H.P., Historic Preservation Concentration

Concentration Requirements

Historic Preservation Track (42 Hours Minimum)

Area 1: Cultural Resources (3 Courses)

To gain an overview of the field of heritage preservation, students must take four of the following courses. Students with undergraduate or graduate backgrounds in one of these disciplines may be exempted by the program director from one or more courses in Area 1.

Area 2: Buildings and Environment (5 Courses)

In order to understand the preservation of building interiors, legal, cultural, and landscaped environments, students will take courses in the history of preservation law, interior design, and landscape architecture as well as courses in preservation planning and public archaeology. Students should select five out of the seven courses below.

Area 3: Area of Concentration (3 Courses)

In order to tailor their programs to such career interests as neighborhood revitalization, preservation planning, preservation administration, research and analysis, restoration finance, or architectural evaluation, students will select appropriate elective courses from preservation disciplines represented in the program. Courses may be taken from one or several disciplines and will be selected with the approval of the program director. Below is a list of possible options:

Area 4: Applied Studies (2 Courses)

In order to gain experience in the practical work of heritage preservation, students will take courses that require preservation research projects and that offer the opportunity to see the operations of preservation organizations. For these purposes, there are internships, directed studies, and thesis options available to students where classroom and seminar knowledge may be applied to actual preservation needs. Students will take the following courses, or appropriate substitutes, approved by the program director:

Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants are required to enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours each for the fall/spring semesters and 9 credit hours for the summer semester. These credit hours will consist of courses required for the prescribed program of study, as well as additional hours of HIST 8680.