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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History, M.A., World History Concentration

The History Department offers a concentration in World History at the M.A. level. The concentration combines the theoretical and empirical frameworks of world history with opportunities to conduct more detailed research within chosen areas of interest. Students will apply theoretical approaches and empirical methodologies that support the comparative and global study of societies and cultures as well as the interconnections among different world regions. The requirements fit into the framework of a regular M.A. in history, with several more specific stipulations as noted below:

Degree Requirements

The Program Director will advise students on courses qualifying as world history. Students may petition the World History Committee for the inclusion of other courses with conspicuous world dimensions.


As in the regular History M.A., students must take nine courses. The distribution of courses is described below.

Major Field

Students must declare World History as their major field and complete three courses in the major field. Students may also apply HIST 7030 to the major field. Courses in the major field should demonstrate a conspicuous world history dimension.

Geographic Distribution

In addition to the regular M.A. requirements, students completing the world history concentration must also complete one course each in (a) U.S.; (b) European; and (c) African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle Eastern history. Either the U.S. or the European course should have a world dimension, which is also desirable for the course chosen above under (c).


  • Any of the remaining required nine courses are electives. Students are encouraged to select electives that include a world history dimension.

Additional Requirements for Concentration

Any courses taken as part of the major field or the geographic distribution or to meet the basic M.A. requirements may be applied elsewhere to meet the requirements of the concentration.

Foreign Language, Oral Examinations and Requirements

Foreign language, oral examination, and requirements for the thesis or non-thesis option are the same as for a regular M.A.