Nov 29, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Instructional Design and Technology, M.S.

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The Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Design and Technology provides students with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of professionals working in the field of IDT. These professionals work in a wide variety of learning and performance improvement contexts such as corporate, healthcare, non-profit government, military, higher education, and P-12 education sectors. For this reason and in order to meet the individual needs and interests of current and prospective students, the program allows for some amount of flexibility, and it provides ample opportunities for applying what is learned in courses to authentic projects and experiences.

Program Admission

The applicant must aspire to or currently hold a position related to the field of Instructional Design and Technology.

Program Academic Regulations

Students are required to take LT 8000   in their first term enrolled in the program. Students who fail to earn a grade of “B” or higher will be required to retake LT 8000 . Students who fail to earn a grade of “B” or higher after taking LT 8000 a second time will be dropped from the M.S. Instructional Design and Technology degree program.

During the academic term in which LT 8000 is first taken, other courses may be taken concurrently. However, when repetition of LT 8000 is necessary, no other LT coursework may be taken concurrently or prior to successful completion of LT 8000. Students will be allowed to retake LT 8000 for this reason only once.

Exit Requirement

Students must achieve a satisfactory score on a written departmental examination and successfully present a portfolio of their work in instructional design and technology.

Degree Requirements

Professional Studies (6 Hours)

Major (27 Hours)

Required (12 Hours)

Internship (3 Hours)

Students must have completed at least 24 semester hours of program coursework before taking LT 8660 .

Required (3):

Total Semester Hours for Degree: Minimum of 36

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