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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Instructional Technology, Ph.D.

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The Ph.D. major in Instructional Technology provides specialization for individuals in the following areas: instructional design, alternative instructional delivery systems, research, management, and consulting. The program is designed for highly competent individuals who are working in the instructional technology field in a wide variety of educational, training, and development areas such as those found in schools, higher education, business, industry, and government agencies.

Degree Requirements

Core Area (18 Hours)

The Core Area consists of 15 semester hours of research coursework and 3 semester hours of Social Foundation of Education and Psychology of Learning coursework.

Research Core (15 Hours)

Required (12 Hours)

  • A two-course sequence (6 hours) in research methodology (see below for specific tracks/courses)
  • Two courses (6 hours) in advanced research methods as identified by the Doctoral Advisory Committee
Historical/Philosophical Methodology

Social Foundations of Education and Psychology of Learning Core (3 Hours)

In addition to highly specialized research in specific areas, doctoral students in the College of Education and Human Development must possess a deep understanding of comprehensive, theoretical principles and broad ideological conceptualizations.

Through historical, philosophical, sociological, and anthropological inquiry, knowledge of social foundations fosters the types of speculative investigations essential for thorough understandings of those theoretical principles and ideological conceptualizations necessary to uphold the integrity of the Ph.D. degree.

The psychology of learning component is based on the following guiding principles: (1) Educational leaders make judgments that affect learning. (2) Doctoral students should have a substantial understanding of the psychology of learning.

Select one (3):

Major Area (27 Hours)

The required courses provide a conceptual base of research, emerging issues in education, and an in-depth examination of research in the major field. The internship (LT 8660  ) facilitates the application of theory to practice in the major field of study.

Required (21 Hours)

Select (6 Hours)

  • Students and Doctoral Advisory Committee select additional departmental courses relating to instructional technology.

Dissertation (15 Hours)

Required (15):

Total Semester Hours for Degree: Minimum of 60

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