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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Health, Ph.D. - Health Promotion and Behavior Concentration

The following Ph.D. Health Promotion and Behavior (HPMB) competencies describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities a successful graduate will demonstrate the conclusion of this doctoral program (and the course where the competency is mastered and assessed is noted in parenthesis):

  • Ph.D. HPMB 1: Develop expertise in social and behavioral theory, and application of theory to address public health problems at the individual, community or population level. (PHPB 9120 )
  • Ph.D. HPMB 2: Critically analyze research in terms of the appropriateness of the study design, sample, measures, data analysis, results, and interpretation and critically evaluate the potential impact of the new knowledge gained on public health practices and policies. (PHPB 9095 )
  • Ph.D. HPMB 3: Develop expertise in research methods and the ethical conduct of research to address scientific questions regarding health promotion research and practice. (PHPB 9130 )
  • Ph.D. HPMB 4: Develop expertise in statistical and analytic methods used in health promotion research and practice. (PHPB 9140 )
  • Ph.D. HPMB 5: Develop expertise in planning, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of social and behavior interventions and/or policies that address public health and health behavior, especially around social-ecological interventions and interventions that address health disparities. (PHPB 7535 )
  • Ph.D. HPMB 6: Develop expertise in the communication of scientific findings, both writing and oral presentations, for both scientific and lay audiences. (PHPB 7535 )

Required Ph.D. HPMB Advanced Research Methods and Statistics Courses (12 Hours)

Select at least 4 courses in consultation with the Faculty Advisor:

Ph.D. HPMB Concentration Electives Courses (6 Hours)

Select at least 2 courses in public health or other graduate-level programs in consultation with the Faculty Advisor and approved by the Faculty Advisor on the Doctoral Program of Study form. Students are recommended to receive approval from their Faculty Advisor prior to enrolling in, paying for, and completing the course.