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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Flex, M.B.A.

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The MBA program is designed for individuals with work experience who aspire to organizational or entrepreneurial leadership positions. The program enhances general management abilities and provides an opportunity to place emphasis on one or more functional areas of expertise. The primary objectives of the program are for students to develop and integrate: (1) analytical skills for decision-making that  incorporate global, ethical, and culturally diverse dimensions; (2) skills in assessing organizational performance and developing approaches for improvement; (3) leadership skills; and (4) interpersonal skills that  contribute to teamwork.

7090.10 Orientation

All entering Flexible Master’s students are required to attend the mandatory Master’s Orientation in their first semester of enrollment. The specific dates for the Master’s Orientation can be found here: Master’s
Orientation information. The objectives of the orientation are:

  • To develop a sense of community and identification for students.
  • To demonstrate how teamwork enhances learning.
  • To begin the process of program planning and career planning.
  • To introduce Robinson master’s students to the available resources provided by the college and how to use those resources effectively.

7090.20 Regulations for the Degree

The Master of Business Administration degree is awarded upon completion of a prescribed program ranging from 39 to 54 semester hours of credit, depending on the academic background of students and on options selected by the students. The M.B.A. program is developed on the assumption that students enter the program with certain skills:

  • Computing Skills: Because computers are an integral part of business decision making, courses in the Robinson College of Business frequently incorporate assignments that require computing skills. Expectations are described in section 7080.42.
  • Algebra Skills: MATH 1111 (college algebra) or equivalent mathematical knowledge is assumed for all entering M.B.A. students. Students are expected to self select into MATH 1111 or take other appropriate steps if they do not have a working knowledge of college algebra.

Degree Requirements

The regulations, policies, and procedures given in the “Master’s Enrollment” and “Master’s Programs” sections of this chapter apply to the M.B.A. program.

The Master of Business Administration degree is awarded upon completion of the program prescribed in this section below. The time limit for completing the M.B.A. program is five years.

MBA Course Requirements

The course requirements for the M.B.A. program and the sequence of courses follow. Note that Cornerstone Core courses may be taken concurrently. All other courses must be taken after MBA 8000 - Managing in the Global Economy  and MBA 8025 - Financial Statement Analysis .

Cornerstone Core Courses (10.5-16.5 Hours)

These courses provide a solid intellectual grounding within an integrative framework that sets the stage for the entire MBA curriculum. MBA 8000 Managing in the Global Economy cannot be waived.   Waiver of MBA 8015 Strategic Communication, MBA 8040 Data Driven Decision Making, and MBA 8045 Analytics Experience, will be granted only under exceptional circumstances which must include a high degree of previous education and proof of significant experience in the relevant areas. Financial Statement Analysis may be waived if the student has an undergraduate degree in accounting with a 3.0 or better GPA and current experience in the area. Legal Environment: Ethics and Corporate Governance can only be waived by those students already possessing a JD degree. Student may waive no more than 6 hours in this area. Once a course is waived, it may not be taken later for credit.

Functional Core Courses (10.5-16.5 Hours)

The functional core offers curricular breadth. Up to 6 hours (two courses) in this category may be waived (see Section 7090.60 for details), based on an undergraduate business degree from an AACSB or EQUIS accredited institution with a 3.0 or great GPA in the major and current work experience in the area. Once a course is waived, it may not be taken later for credit. MBA 8000 and MBA 8025 are prerequisites for every Functional Core course except for MBA 8165, and MBA 8015, MBA 8030, MBA 8040, and MBA 8045 are co-requisites.

Capstone Core Course (3 Hours)

This course integrates a broad span of knowledge gained from the required curriculum. This course cannot be waived. Registration will be granted once students have completed all six MBA 8100 level courses.

8000-Level Elective Courses (18 Hours)

Electives include 12 hours in a concentration which permit the student to personalize core competency and customize intellectual development. Electives are to be from the set of RCB 8000-level courses or from the Department of Economics in the Andrew Young School. Students wishing to take electives outside that set must apply for special permission.

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