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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sport Administration, B.I.S.

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The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies concentration in Sport Administration provides students with a broad-based knowledge of the business of sport in order to prepare them for managerial positions in the sport industry. Students have an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills for careers in the sport industry by selecting courses in: sport administration, hospitality administration, journalism and public relations, and creative media industries offered at Georgia State University through different departments and academic disciplines.

Program Admission

Students may apply to the BIS concentration after completion of Area A, Area E course ECON 2106  and Area F courses: KH 2400   and ACCT 2101  . Application materials include a resume, an essay, and an academic evaluation. Students will be required to have a “C” or better in one attempt (WF counts as an attempt) in KH 2400  . Students will be required to have a “C” or better in two attempts (WF counts as an attempt) in ACCT 2101   and ECON 2106  .

To apply for the BIS Sport Administration  program, students must submit an application available at education.gsu.edu/admissions/undergraduate/.

Program Academic Regulations 

Students must attend the departmental induction ceremony and sign the honor code after they have been admitted into the program.

Degree Requirements

Areas A-E: Core Curriculum (42 Hours)

(see University Core Curriculum Requirements  in the undergraduate catalog)

Students should complete ECON 2106 - Principles of Microeconomics  3 Hours in area E.

Area F. Preparation for the Major (18 Hours)

Area G. Area of Concentration: Sport Administration (54 Hours)

Students must complete all courses in Area G with a grade of “C” or higher unless otherwise noted.

Required (30 Hours)

Choose two of the disciplines below (24 Hours)

Hospitality Administration (12 Hours)

Choose Two Courses (6 Hours)

Journalism and Public Relations (12 Hours)

JOUR 1010  is a prerequisite for this discipline. JOUR 1000   is not required as a prerequisite for students in this discipline. 

Required (6 Hours)

Choose Two Courses (6 Hours)

Creative Media Industries–Esports (12 Hours)

Choose Two Courses (6 Hours)

Area H: Allied Electives (6 Hours)

Students must complete all courses in Area H with a grade of “C” or higher unless otherwise noted.

Students can take courses numbered 1000 or above in Kinesiology and Health (KH), Hospitality Administration (HADM), Journalism and Public Relations (JOUR), Communication (SCOM), Managerial Sciences (MGS), Marketing (MK), International Business (IB), Policy Studies (PMAP), to fulfill allied elective requirement. 

Total Program: Minimum of 120 Semester Hours