Mar 30, 2023  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, B.A., Pre-Education Concentration

Majors with the Pre-education in English concentration should be sure to take a mix of courses that focus on British and American literature to prepare effectively for a career in English education.

Courses appearing in more than one category can fulfill only one requirement.

Literature after 1800: Select one course (3 Hours)

Multicultural/Genre Literature: Select two courses (6 Hours)

Electives: Select two courses in English or Folklore from those listed above (3000- or 4000-level) (6 Hours)

Applications: Select one course (3 Hours)

Majors must have completed at least twelve semester hours of upper-division English course work before registering for an Applications course.

Further coursework (9 Hours)

Further coursework (9 hours) in the major is recommended but not required for this concentration. Specific recommendations are one additional course from section 2 (Literature before 1800) and ENGL 3100 , or, if already taken, one additional course from section 6 (Writing).

Majors with the Pre-Education in English concentration are encouraged to apply to the College of Education and Human Development Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in English Education (TEEMS) for certification preparation. The Master’s degree has a track of four semesters begun in the summer term and a three-semester certification track also begun in the summer and completed in the spring. Hours earned in the certification track can be applied later toward the completion of the Master’s degree.

Additional courses for the Pre-Education in English concentration. These are not required, but are recommended for elective credit:

Teacher Certification

English majors who want to pursue certification to teach at the middle or secondary school level should seek advisement from the College of Education Office of Academic Assistance (300] College of Education Building, 404-413-8000) and the Middle Secondary Education and Instructional Technology Department (639 College of Education Building, 404-413-8060). Georgia State University offers a four-semester Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Middle Childhood or in English Education (TEEMS MCE and TEEMS Secondary English) with initial certification that is a four-semester program. Application deadlines are October 1 and February 1 for the following semesters. Students interested in teaching in middle school should major and minor in a combination of English (Pre-Education in English Concentration) and Social Studies. The English minor interested in teaching middle school should complete the following plan of study: