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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dental Hygiene, A.S.

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Dental hygienists are licensed to provide educational, therapeutic, and preventive services to children and adults in a variety of treatment settings.

This career program is designed to prepare students with the knowledge, clinical, and problem-solving skills required to function as part of interprofessional teams capable of addressing oral health needs in society.

Although the dental hygiene courses are sequential and begin only during the fall semester, students may begin and complete the required general education courses during any semester. The professional curriculum runs five consecutive semesters, including one summer session.

This program of study requires special admission as explained below. Contact the Dental Hygiene Department on the Dunwoody Campus for additional information and an application. All professional courses are only offered during the day.

Degree Requirements

General Education Required Courses (37 Hours)

Career Programs programs are designed for students who wish to complete a college program that will prepare them to enter employment at a level of competence requiring more than a high school education, but less than a four-year college or university degree. As such, they do not have A-E sections of the Core Curriculum, but instead have sections that are specific to each program. Career programs are specifically designed for students who wish to prepare for a career through a short, intensive program of specialized study and general education. While the emphasis in career education is on specialized offerings, each degree program includes a selection of courses from an approved core of general education.

Required General Education Courses:

Professional Curriculum

Additional Notes:

  • Students are advised that if they are accepted into Dental Hygiene, there are several semesters where the required curriculum does not contain enough hours to meet requirements for financial aid or health insurance. Plan accordingly.
  • This program of study requires special admission including Criminal Background checks and Technical Standards. Contact the Dental Hygiene Department, Dunwoody Campus (770-274-5130), for additional information and an application. All professional courses are offered during the day only with some evening clinic rotations.
  • The Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) does apply to this career program. An applicant that is admitted to the college under this program will be subject to RHSC requirements.