Aug 17, 2022  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Reading Endorsement (ECEE)

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The Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education offers graduate courses in literacy which apply to Georgia’s Reading Endorsement for classroom teachers. These courses focus on three areas (a) understanding readers and the reading process, (b) linking assessment and instruction, and (c) using instructional strategies in specific content areas for Reading Recovery Teachers and Teacher Leaders and Literacy Coaches on areas (a) and (b) for Reading Interventionists.

The Reading Endorsement Program presupposes certification at least at the bachelor’s level. Successful completion of application sequences (Reading Recovery Teacher Strand or Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Strand or Literacy Coach Strand or Reading Interventionist Strand) qualifies a person for the bachelor’s, master’s, or specialist level endorsement, depending on the current level of certification. This endorsement qualifies an individual to be considered ‘in field’ in reading at the level of the base certificate. Teachers pursuing the reading endorsement are enrolled as non-degree students in specific programs for certification as a Reading Recovery Teacher or a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader or a Reading Interventionist or a Literacy Coach.

Reading Endorsement candidates who are members of the Reading Interventionist cohort will complete the three strands by enrolling in 6 hours of ECE 7965   and engaging in year-long clinical practice with students.