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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Leadership, Ed.D.

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The Ed.D. in educational leadership targets the professional needs of educational leaders whose long-term career goals include leading schools, school districts and other education agencies in a complex, highly competitive global environment.

The purpose of the program is to advance the development and practice of effective educational leadership by providing senior-level administrators with the following:

  • the knowledge and skills necessary to deal effectively with the complex issues facing education today
  • the methods of inquiry necessary to analyze current educational problems
  • the leadership skills necessary to direct the development and implementation of programs to address those problems and to disseminate the results in various professional and public forums
  • the knowledge and applied skills rarely provided in traditional advanced degree programs in educational leadership in an alternative format that meets the needs of senior-level administrators.

A transcript review is required for candidates seeking to transfer courses into the program from institutions other than Georgia State University.

Students select one of the following concentrations: Advanced Leadership, Higher Education Administration, or Tier II. 

Degree Requirements


Students select one of the following three concentration areas:

Advanced Leadership Concentration (54 Hours)

Candidates who hold the performance-based Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) or performance-based add-on certificate may transfer up to six courses (18 hours) into the Ed.D. program. 

Higher Education Administration Concentration (54 Hours)

Electives (9 Hours)

Students in the Higher Education Administration Concentration are required to complete a total of nine hours of electives. The courses below are representative of appropriate coursework to satisfy this requirement; however, other appropriate courses may be substituted with the approval of the concentration coordinator. Not all courses are offered each academic term. It is incumbent upon the student to ascertain the availability of a desired course in consultation with the concentration coordinator.

Tier II Concentration (57 Hours)

Tier II Concentration: Applicants for the Tier II concentration must be full-time, practicing educators who are employed in a leadership role in a partnering school system. Because Tier II certification is not a self-select program in the state of Georgia, applicants must receive written permission from their employers to participate in this concentration.

In addition to the regular program of study, candidates who wish to earn Tier II certification will complete a residency of 750 clinical hours under the supervision of a university supervisor and a site-based mentor. This work will be completed within the framework of a repeatable one-hour course over three semesters.

Total Semester Hours for Degree: Minimum of 54-57