May 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Science Professions

This pathway constitutes the first two years of a four-year allied health degree that generally must be completed at a four-year university.

Students who wish to pursue the A.S. in Nursing or Dental Hygiene should choose this pathway prior to being admitted to those programs. Separate admission is required to become a nursing or dental hygiene student at the College. Admission to these programs is highly selective. Following the Health Science Professions pathway in no way guarantees admission to the nursing or dental hygiene program.

This pathway is not appropriate for students who wish to be pre-medical, pre-dental or pre-pharmacy majors at a four-year university.

Track Requirements

Students who follow this pathway are required to take the Perimeter College orientation class PCO 1020 in addition to the requirements found below.

Areas A-E of the Core Curriculum (42 Credit Hours)

See 1410 Core Curriculum Requirements  in the Undergraduate Catalog. 

  • Area A: Essential Skills 
  • Area B: Institutional Foundations 
  • Area C: Humanities and Fine Arts 
  • Area D: Natural and Computational Sciences 
  • Area E: Social Science


Area B

Recommended course:
Area C

Recommended courses:
Area D

Recommended courses:
Area E


Area F: Courses Appropriate to the Pathway (18 Credit Hours)

All separate lecture and lab course combinations above are commonly offered as a combined course at Georgia State University-Atlanta (e.g., BIOL 2107K; CHEM 1211K. The combined (K) courses and separate lecture and lab (L) courses cover the same subject matter and are considered equivalent courses.

Select from the following to complete 18 credit hours in Area F