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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

LPN-BS Bridge Program

LPN-BS Bridge Program

The LPN to BS Bridge program is designated for licensed practical nurses with a practical or vocational nursing diploma to earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing. The program is six semesters, 47 credit hours, and includes a combination of online and face-to-face courses. To apply for the program students must apply and be admitted to Georgia State University Perimeter College. Admission to this program is only once per year in the summer.


Admission requirements


Acceptance to Georgia State University Perimeter College with nursing as the designated major.  

Graduation from Georgia Nursing Board approved licensed practical nurse or licensed vocational nurse program.

Current license to practice as licensed practical nurse in Georgia.

 Evidence of practice - a current resume must be submitted.

One letter of reference - A professional reference from current or past employer and indicate length of employment and duties.  

Cumulative grade point average minimum 2.8 for general education courses

Cumulative science grade point average minimum 3.0 in science courses


Completion of all Georgia State University Core requirements areas A-E prior to acceptance to the nursing program is preferred.

No more than 1 prerequisite course (3-4 credits) may be outstanding at time of admission.

Full time students are expected to complete all courses both nursing and prerequisites within two years. Part time students are expected to complete all courses within three years.

A minimum grade of C or higher is required for all prerequisites


Upon receipt of an acceptance letter from the School of Nursing, the student will be required to establish contact with the School of Nursing records office to complete the required forms and health-related requirements prior to entry into the nursing sequence.

Program Requirements

The student must provide his or her current Licensed Practical Nurse license number to the academic adviser no later than the time of registration for the first nursing courses. The license number will be recorded at that time.

LPN students begin their program of study at the Perimeter Campus.  For general questions about the LPN-BS bridge program, please contact Renee Creel, 678-891-3863.  If you have questions concerning the courses taught at the Atlanta Campus, please contact the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions Office of Academic Assistance at 404-413-1000.


The following prerequisites must be completed prior to completing the program. A minimum grade of C or higher is required for all prerequisites.

  • ENGL 1101 - English Composition I 3 Credit Hours
  • ENGL 1102 - English Composition II 3 Credit Hours


  • MATH 1111 - College Algebra or higher MATH 1111 is recommended for Nursing majors 3 Credit Hours



  • BIOL 2110K - Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/labs 4 Credit Hours and
  • BIOL 2120K - Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/labs 4 Credit Hours



  • MATH 1401 - Elementary Statistics 3 Credit Hours
  • PSYC 1101 - Introduction to General Psychology 3 Credit Hours



  • BIOL 2300 - Microbiology and Public Health 3 Hours and
  • BIOL 2310 - Microbiology and Public Health Laboratory 1 Credit Hour



  • PHIL 1010, PERS, SCOM: Select two courses from Area B 4 Credit Hours


  • Humanities/Fine Arts: Select two courses from Area C 6 Credit Hours


  • POLS 1101 American Government 3 Credit Hours
  • HIST 2110 Survey of United States History 3 Credit Hours
  • PSYC 1101 Introduction to to General Psychology 3 Credit Hours
  • POLS 2401 Global Issues 3 Credit Hour
  • PSYC 2103 Introduction to Human Development 3 Credit Hours



Sequence of two science courses with labs from the following

  • CHEM 1151K-  Survey of Chemistry I w/labs  4 Credit Hours and
  • CHEM 1152K-  Survey of Chemistry II w/labs  4 Credit Hours  
  • or
  • BIOL 1103K- Introductory Biology I w/labs 4 Credit Hours and
  • BIOL 1104K- Introductory Biology II w/ labs 4 Credit Hours
  • or
  • PHYS 1111K- Introductory Physics I w/labs 4 Credit Hours and
  • PHYS 1112K- Introductory Physics II w/labs 4 Credit Hours

Area G Nursing Major

The following are required courses for the nursing major. A minimum grade of C or higher is required for courses designated with the NURS prefix.  Failure of more than one NURS designated course because of a grade of “D, F, U or WF” results in termination from the Nursing program

                Taken at Perimeter Campus

  • NURS 1926 Bridges to Professional Nursing   5 Credit Hours
  • NURS 2062 Pharmacology 2 Credit Hours
  • NURS 2922 Childbearing Family Concepts of Nursing  3 Credit Hours
  • NURS 2927 Childrearing Family Concepts of Nursing  3 Credit Hours


Taken at Atlanta Campus

  • NURS 3160 Pathophysiology LPN-BS   3 Credit Hours (taken at Atlanta Campus)
  • NURS 3320 Leadership/Policy LPN-BS 3 Credit Hours
  • NURS 3810 Psychiatric Nursing LPN-BS 5 Credit Hours


  • NURS 4810 Caring for Families and Communities LPN-BS 4 Credit Hours
  • NURS 3180 Health Assessment LPN-BS 2 Credit Hours
  • NURS 3525 Caring for Adult Populations LPN-BS 6 Credit Hours


  • NURS 3700 Research Methods LPN-BS 2 Credit Hours
  • NURS 4720 Complex Health Care Problems LPN-BS  3 Credit Hours


  • NURS 4820 Senior Practicum LPN-BS   4 Credit Hours
  • NURS 4700 NCLEX Preparation  2 Credit Hours

The Following Courses Based on the State of Georgia Articulation Model

Based on the Georgia statewide articulation agreement, course credit is given for the following courses based on LPN licensure, work experience, and successful completion of  the NURS 1926 - Bridges to Professional Nursing  bridge course:

NURS  2080-Basic Nursing Concepts 3 Credit Hours

NURS 2160 - Basic Health Assessment & Skills, Medication Administration & Calculation 4 Credit Hours

NURS 2061 - Pharmacology 1 Credit Hour

NURS 3610 - Caring for Childbearing Families 2 Credit Hours

NURS 3710 - Caring for Children and Adolescents 2 Credit Hours

PSYC 3140 - Psychopathology & Abnormal Psychology 3 Credit Hours

NURS 3200 - Introduction to Clinical Nutrition 2 Credit Hours

NURS 4510 - Caring for Families & Communities 1 Credit Hour