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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Sciences and Disorders, Ph.D.

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The focus of the Ph.D. Communication and Disorders program is the unique nature and impact of communication disorders for children and adults in the urban context with a specific focus on the needs of individuals and groups residing in the Atlanta and other major urban areas. The program will prepare doctoral level students for academic careers in research and University level teaching in both Speech and Language Pathology and Speech Science. Students will implement evidence-based services across the scope of practice in speech-language pathology and will make significant contributions to the research base of the profession. 

The objectives of the proposed doctoral degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders are:

  • To create a world class doctoral training program that is a recognized leader in research on the unique characteristics and needs of individuals with communication disorders residing in major cities, including a focus on: a) individuals living in poverty b) the challenges for individuals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, c) disparities in access to service and service delivery; d)the shortage of valid and reliable instruments and processes for identification and assessment of communication disorders for individuals who are culturally and linguistically diverse; and, e) the importance of development of basic research focused on the needs of those who struggle with communication.
  • To prepare excellent doctoral level students who are prepared to lead and to collaborate across disciplines
  • To prepare excellent doctoral level students who will pursue and obtain research faculty positions at research intensive colleges and universities in CSD programs and related disciplines.

Degree Requirements

Core Area (18 Hours)

The Core Area consists of 15 semester hours of research coursework and 3 semester hours of Social Foundation of Education and Psychology of Learning coursework.

Research Core (15 Hours)

Required (12 Hours)

  • A two course sequence (6 hours) in research methodology (see below for specific tracks/courses)
  • Two courses (6 hours) in advanced research methods as identified by the Doctoral Advisory Committee
Historical/Philosophical Methodology

Social Foundations of Education and Psychology of Learning Core (3 Hours)

In addition to highly specialized research in specific areas, doctoral students in the College of Education and Human Development must possess a deep understanding of comprehensive, theoretical principles and broad ideological conceptualizations.

Through historical, philosophical, sociological, and anthropological inquiry, knowledge of social foundations fosters the types of speculative investigations essential for thorough understandings of those theoretical principles and ideological conceptualizations necessary to uphold the integrity of the Ph.D. degree.

The psychology of learning component is based on the following guiding principles: (1) Educational leaders make judgments that affect learning. (2) Doctoral students should have a substantial understanding of the psychology of learning.

Major Area (10-12 Hours)

Required (10-12 Hours): 

Electives (8-12 Hours)

Students must select a minimum of 8 hours of additional credit hours of coursework based on the area of research focus. These electives must be chosen from a broad list of approved options in disciplines including (but not limited to) anthropology, communication sciences and disorders, computer science, gerontology, linguistics, neuroscience, communication, public health, special education, educational psychology and psychology. Students will be encouraged to complete coursework that is relevant for application to the urban context. A study plan developed by the student and the advisor in consultation with the student’s doctoral committee will be used to select these courses.

Dissertation (15 Hours)

Required (15):

Total Semester Hours for Degree: Minimum 51