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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

3580 Department of World Languages and Cultures

19th Floor, 25 Park Place Bldg.

Leslie L. Marsh, Chair
Raúl Llorente, Associate Chair
Ian Campbell, Undergraduate Director

The Department of World Languages and Cultures serves a threefold purpose: to encourage an appreciation of humanistic values through the study of foreign languages, literatures, and cultures; to teach foreign languages as a means of communication; and to prepare students for academic careers and the opportunities available in the field of international business. As part of a dynamic urban university in a city of growing international awareness and status, the department is fulfilling its responsibility to meet the increasing foreign language needs of the governmental, business, and professional communities. The department recognizes that an active command of the foreign language and a thorough exploration of the foreign culture form an essential basis for further study in the various areas of its curriculum.

The department is home to the Center for International Resources and Collaborative Language Engagement (CIRCLE), a multi-purpose academic support center that offers walk-in tutoring in each of the languages taught at Georgia State and provides a variety of digital resources (i.e., software, apps, media and materials) to support the language studies of the university community. In addition, the CIRCLE hosts special events focused on cultural awareness and communication opportunities, such as conversation meetups, discussion groups, and other social events, as well as language and technology workshops. The center addresses the university and College of Arts and Sciences strategic goals of increasing internationalization in the curriculum and of enhancing the global competency (including the study of world languages) of students, faculty and staff.

For students who view language study as a preparation for a career in the business world, the department offers a program in conjunction with the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies: the Bachelor of Arts Major in International Economics and Modern Languages (IEML).


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