Dec 06, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

7110 Department of Computer Information Systems

Programs Offered:

  1. B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems
  2. Minor in Computer Information Systems
  3. Certificate in Business Analytics
  4. Certificate in Cybersecurity for FinTech

9th floor, Robinson College of Business Building

Bala Ramesh, Chair
Faculty: Aria, Baskerville, Buckman, Dicker, Gandapodi, Gimpel, Hong, Hsieh, Johnson, Keil, Lin, Long, Magal, Martin, Maruping, Mathiassen, Rai, Robinson, Schmitz, Storey, Varshney, West, Xue, Zhdanov

In today’s highly competitive global environment, the effective deployment of information technology has become the key to organizational success. There is a continuing shortage of individuals with the combination of business and technology skills needed to develop and manage information systems that provide competitive advantage in the global marketplace. The mission of the CIS major in the B.B.A. program is to produce graduates able to fill this need. Students will learn how to combine their general business knowledge with the latest software engineering tools and techniques to create information systems needed by today’s organizations. Graduates will be prepared for careers in a variety of areas such as consulting, systems development, business process analysis, cybersecurity, IT project management, database administration, process architecture, and programming.

The Department of Computer Information Systems cooperates with the Department of Health Administration to offer a specialization in Health Informatics of the CIS major. The purpose of this specialization is to produce graduates that know how to effectively deploy information technology to innovate medical services and administrative processes within the healthcare industry. For more information, see Health Informatics below. The Department of Computer Information Systems cooperates with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in offering a concentration in computer information systems associated with the degree Bachelor of Science with a major in mathematics. This program is described under the offerings of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the “College of Arts and Sciences” chapter of this catalog.

7110.10 Program Admission

There are no admission requirements specific to the Computer Information Systems program. However, Computer Information Systems students are required to meet all University and College admission requirements.

7110.20 Program Financial Information

There are no special fees associated with majoring in Computer Information Systems. However, Computer Information Systems majors must pay all tuition and fees charged by the University and the College.




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