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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological Sciences, Ph.D.

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The Department of Biology offers a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) program in the broad field of biology. Students work with graduate faculty on diverse research projects, generally belonging to one or more of the following areas: microbiology and virology, cellular biology, immunology, & physiology, molecular biology and genetics, and bioinformatics and systems biology. A minimum of 72 hours of graduate credit are required for the Ph.D. in biological sciences.

Degree Requirements

Core Courses (8-9 hours)

Quantitative Course

Select one quantitative course from the following.

Elective Courses (10-12 hours minimum)

Students should select 6000- and/or 8000-level classes in Biology as per their Individual Development Plan (IDP). Students should enroll in BIOL 6900 every semester. BIOL 7000-level courses are not applicable.

Qualifying Exam

Students should enroll in BIOL 9991  with their Qualifying Examination committee chair during the semester when they take the exam.

Research (53 hours)

Students should register for BIOL 8800  (Research) each semester until their dissertation proposal is approved by their dissertation committee. After the dissertation proposal is approved, students should enroll in BIOL 9999  with their research advisor. Students should enroll in BIOL 6900  (Directed Laboratory Study) each semester when they are conducting research.


Each doctoral candidate will prepare and publicly defend their dissertation prior to completing their degree.

Concentration Requirements