Jul 25, 2024  
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Political Science, M.A., Political Science for Educators Concentration

Required for concentration in Political Science for Educators

  1. Core seminars in a sub-fields of political science.  Choose one:
    1. POLS 6100 /POLS 8100  American Politics (3)
    2. POLS 6200 /POLS 8200  Comparative Politics (3)
    3. POLS 6400 /POLS 8400  International Politics (3)
  2. Courses in the teaching of political science
    1. POLS 6987  Teaching Politics with Simulations (3)
    2. POLS 6988  Teaching American Citizenship (3)
  3. Additional graduate Political Science courses in at least two sub-fields to complete 30 total hours of coursework.  The number of courses needed will vary depending on the student’s methods track and completion of experiential learning or thesis hours.
  4. A capstone project under the supervision of two faculty members (3 hours).
    1. This project should include a “deliverable,” which may be a research paper, a policy memo, an innovation teaching strategy, or something else.
    2. Students undertaking this project should register for POLS 8990 : Capstone Project.