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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health and Physical Education, M.A.T.

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This M.A.T. major in Health and Physical Education is designed for P-12 health and physical educators who wish to extend their content and pedagogical knowledge for improved professional practice. The program features an integration of health and physical education content where it is appropriate and includes a combination of coursework, simulated teaching, field experiences, and school-based inquiry. In the electives area, students can choose an emphasis in health, physical education, or adapted physical education within the program.

Program Academic Regulations 

Upon admission to a teacher education program, students will be contacted by the Office of Field Placements and Certification with instructions to claim enrollment in their program and submit a GaPSC Pre-Service Certificate Application. The pre-service certificate is required for placement in required field experiences or clinical practice.

Non-coursework requirements for T-4 certification include: Tort Liability Coverage; criminal background check; first aid and CPR proficiency (including infant, child, adult) or completion of KH 2006.


Students in this program will be eligible to be recommended for Georgia initial certification after earning passing scores on the GACE Program Admission Assessment, GACE Content Assessment, Georgia Educator Ethics - Program Exit (360) Assessment, and successfully completing:

  • EXC 4020 Characteristics and Instructional Strategies for Students with Disabilities (3) 
    • For Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) certification requirements, students must earn a grade of “B” or higher in EXC 4020.
  • H 2122 Applied Health and Wellness (3) or KH 7460 Using Popular Culture to Reduce Youth Risk Behaviors (3)
  • KH 2211 Movement Sciences for Practitioners (3)
  • KH 3010 Skill Themes and Movement Concepts (3)
  • KH 3020 Fitness and Physical Activity (3)
  • KH 3030 Invasion Games (3)
  • KH 3040 Net/Wall Games (3)
  • KH 3080 Dance (3)
  • KH 3200 Instructional Skills for Physical Education and Physical Activity Professionals (3-4) or KH 7230 Developing Teaching Skills for HPE/APE (3)
  • KH 3410 Assessment in Health and Physical Education (3) or KH 7470 Using Technology to Assess in Health, Physical Education, and Adapted Physical Education (3)
  • KH 3420 Curriculum in Health and Physical Education (3) or KH 7480 Curriculum Development for Health, Physical Education, and Adapted Physical Education (3)
  • KH 3700 Sexuality Education for P-12 (3)
  • KH 4540 Contemporary Instructional Models for Adapted Physical Education (3) or KH 8650 Physical Education for Students with Developmental, Physical and Sensory Disabilities (3)
  • KH 4650 Opening School Experience (0)
  • KH 6710 Graduate Practicum for Elementary Physical Education (3)
  • KH 6720 Graduate Practicum for Secondary Physical Education (3)
  • KH 7240 Advanced Teaching Skills in Health, Physical Education, and Adapted Physical Education (3)
  • KH 7250 Teaching Models for Health and Physical Education (3)

Degree Requirements

Teaching Field (21 Hours)

Inquiry for Practice (6 Hours)

Choose One of the Following with Permission of Advisor (3 Hours)

Total Semester Hours for Degree: Minimum of 36