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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

7250 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute

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  • Major in Entrepreneurship
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship

Programs Supported:

  • B.I.S. in Media Entrepreneurship
  • B.I.S. in Social Entrepreneurship
  • B.I.S. in Biomedical Science & Enterprise

Suite 250, 55 Park Place

Jennifer H. Sherer Ph.D., Chair
Faculty: Bai, Bailey, Baker, Graybeal, Monlouis, Sundaresan

Program Description and Objectives

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting your own business, it’s a mindset-a way of thinking and acting. ENI develops business leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence to develop, scale and deliver products, services, and solutions to real-world problems. These skills and mindsets can be applied to a range of organizational contexts: a sole entrepreneurial startup, as key members of a founding team, or as an entrepreneurial member of a large organization.

Skilled entrepreneurs are the nucleus of the global economy since they create innovative products and services. Programs and courses offered by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute prepare students for the global economy. ENI students learn how to: identify and assess opportunities; develop concepts; assess and acquire resources to develop, launch, grow and harvest ventures.

Regardless of your primary area of study, acquiring an entrepreneurial skillset will open a world of opportunities and help you achieve your full potential. ENI students learn the fundamental concepts and principles of entrepreneurship and innovation and how to implement best practices. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic economy, employers value an entrepreneurial mindset in new hires across a wide range of jobs and industries. Furthermore, students with entrepreneurial skills are better prepared to successfully establish and grown their own business.

Program Admission

Admission requirements are specific to each program offering of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute (ENI). Students should refer to the related Program Admission section of the Catalog for the program (major, minor, concentration) in which they wish to enroll in. Additionally, (ENI) students are required to meet all College and University admission requirements.

Program Financial Information

There are no special fees associated with the ENI program. However, students taking ENI courses must pay all tuition and fees charged by the University.




      Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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